The Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District was established in 1967 and subsequently funded in part by Arkansas Act 118 of 1969 based upon the template set by Congress in 1965 by Public Law 89-136, known as the Public Works and Economic Development Act.


Applications are being accepted for the position of WIOA Career Advisor in Mountain Home, Harrison and Fayetteville.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Advise customers concerning program eligibility criteria, collect and document necessary information to complete the certification process and determine eligibility for program(s). If not eligible for workforce programs a referral will be provided to best fit the customer’s need(s).
2. Counsel and direct customers to full time unsubsidized employment. Have customers identify barriers to employment, including family, financial, personal, health, environmental, etc. elements that may interfere with permanent unsubsidized employment.
3. Provide assessment of reading, computing, communication, attitude, aptitude, motivation, and probability of success through paper and pencil, computer and observation programs or processes. Have the customer identify all the barriers to unsubsidized employment which may be used to develop a plan to eliminate or overcome the identified barriers.
4. Coordinate activities and referrals for the customer to produce an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) for permanent unsubsidized employment. The plan may include remediation, work experience, apprenticeships, internships, on-the-job training, skills training, occupational training, or other activities, which will prepare the customer for unsubsidized employment or supplement the employment activity to support permanent employment. The sequence of activities will depend on the program utilized; however, in all cases “work” and “employment” is to be the outcome. Childcare, transportation, health services, housing, and other support services will be included in the plan, including the utilization of DHS or other agencies to provide those support services or activities.
5. Develop and provide instruction regarding job search, job club, labor market information, survival skills, financial management, stress management, resume’ preparation, interview techniques, and other developmental skills a customer might need to find and maintain unsubsidized employment.
6. Use computer to enter customer registrations, request and post customer payments, letters to providers, to complete timesheets, leave sheets, etc. and send and receive company E-mail.
7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or his/her designee, consistent with program operations.

Education and Experience:
Two years’ experience working in the area of employment, training or human service programs or formal education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in human resource development, workforce development, social science, or other related fields, and six months experience.

Please submit your resume to Pam Schubert, HR Coordinator, Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District, Inc. PO Box 190 Harrison, AR 72602 or email

Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District, an equal opportunity employer

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