General Improvement Fund (GIF)

The General Improvement Fund Grant Program is administered by NWAEDD and is funded biennially through the Arkansas General Assembly.  GIF grants are awarded to governmental jurisdictions, primary &secondary schools,  institutions of higher learning, and non-profit organizations to plan, develop, promote, and/or implement economic and community development projects/activities that are designed to improve the economic, community, and/or social well-being of the citizens of Northwest  Arkansas. The GIF Grant program is intended to be applicant friendly involving minimal red tape with providing an efficient method to assist the communities of Northwest Arkansas in meeting the economic challenges of the 21st Century.  The NWAEDD Board of Directors reviews GIF grant applications for approval at their quarterly  board meetings. 

Entities interested in applying for a GIF Grant should complete the application and return the completed application to NWAEDD, P. O. Box 190, Harrison, AR  72602.  If there are any questions regarding the application you can contact NWAEDD via phone at 870-741-5404 or by email. Once the application is received, it will be sent to the NWAEDD Board of Directors for funding consideration at the quarterly board meetings held in March, June, September, and December. If a grant is selected for funding, an award letter and grant agreement are sent to the grantee. Once the signed grant agreement is returned to NWAEDD, the grantee receives the check, along with a close-out form to return once the funds have been spent.

NWAEDD General Improvement Fund Grant Program Policy 6 2016