October 12, 2018 — In 2016, Benton County was awarded $185,000.00 from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to replace failing septic systems in low to moderate income households. Since that time, 13 systems have successfully been replaced in Benton County. Malfunctioning or non-existent septic systems are a hazard to the public health and the environment. Repairing malfunctioning septic systems or creating new systems protects the health of the individual, the community and our drinking water. Replacement of failing systems also protects property values, our recreational waters, and more.

Funding still exists for the project and the Benton County Health Unit is actively seeking additional eligible participants. The grant covers all associated expenses, including engineering, installation, and the cost of the system itself. The income limits to qualify for the service depend on family size, roughly $52,300 for a family of four or $36,650 for a single person.

The grant is administered through the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District. Residents within the city limits of Rogers and Bentonville are not eligible to apply but may contact their city to see if other funds are available for septic system repairs. All other Benton County residents outside of Rogers or Bentonville city limits can receive an application for this no-cost septic replacement opportunity by calling the Benton County Health Unit at (479) 986-1358, option 1.