Marshall, AR (September 2022) The City of Marshall will receive a State Hazard Mitigation Grant from the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management through the Department of Public Safety. In late July, the City received notification that its Walnut/Ozark Street drainage mitigation project had been chosen for funding. On September 1, 2022, Mayor Elliott met with Tina Cole, Community Development Coordinator for NWAEDD, to fully execute the grant agreement in order for the City to move forward.

The City of Marshall will receive a grant of $13,372.50 which is 75% of the project cost totaling $17,830.00. The project consists of adding a ditch line and culverts to divert water from a wet weather spring that causes flooding on Walnut and Ozark Street in Marshall. This diversion will help to mitigate future damages to property and infrastructure located in this area. Mayor Elliott is delighted that this project was chosen for funding because he understands the impact it will have on the residents and businesses affected.

One of the goals and objectives of the State Hazard Mitigation Grant Program is to fund permanent, long-term solutions to repetitive problems, and this effort is a great example of how that is accomplished.