Parmelee Homestead Creations is a small family business, based in Bella Vista, that sells jam, jelly, sauce, and salsas. The business is growing rapidly, selling nearly 600 jars per week. Becky Parmelee has taken advantage of our human resource consultation services and has received assistance with:

• crafting a job description
• developing a confidentiality agreement in alignment with The Arkansas Trade Secret Act that will protect her recipes
• writing a food safety/sanitation policy and company car policy
• onboarding protocol and standard operating procedures
• interview question development and applicant screening
• completing the AWCC application to be recognized as a drug-free workplace
• hiring her first employee

She was featured in the “employer spotlight” at Brightwater, NWACC’s culinary school. Her products are now being sold in Akins Natural Foods.  When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream!