It is never too late in life to reach for the stars and find your dream job.  Just ask Lynda who decided to change careers after her youngest child graduated. 

She left her employer after 12 years in pursuit of a new career in the entertainment industry where she has worked behind the scenes on lighting projects for special events and movies.  She said, “There were times I wasn’t sure if I’d make it.”  She said she talked to her new co-workers and went to the Workforce office to talk to a career specialist because she wanted to pursue all her options and increase her networking skills. 

Lynda commented, “I’m thankful to Rose who guided me and gave me the courage to believe in myself. I know that my future will be what I will enjoy and love doing as I continue to move forward in my life.”   

It can be scary to make this type of life changing choice, but Lynda’s experience shows us that it is possible.  She is now employed as a Laser Safety Officer and will be responsible for the laser operation for the North Forest Lights at Crystal Bridges.

Rose and the other career advisors are always ready to help! To find services in your region go to https://nwaedd.org/workforce-centers/.